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OSHI's journey

Clown on a mission to find positive energy for all

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I’m Oshi.

I’m a clown.

My full name is Oshibka. It means ‘mistake’ in Russian.

I am interested in everything. I especially love "failure."

Through my many failures – whether misunderstanding something said, saying the wrong thing, or being unsuccessful at an activity – I am able to bring delight, curiosity and interest in situations as they arise.

My experiences in clowning have shown that this art form can positively impact communication. Indeed, I blog about the significance clowning has on communication, parenting, and a school environment. 

I have worked and volunteered in schools, health centers, mental health communities, and in street theater. 

I am fascinated by -- and love the feeling -- of how people react and interact with a clown in everyday situations. 

I trained as a therapeutic and educational clown at the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts in Tel Aviv.  




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Oshi is the educational therapeutic clown alter ego of Viva Sarah Press, a journalist and public speaker.

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