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Oshi is in a movie trailer


It’s a word with so many connotations.

The need to embrace failure has become a catch phrase these last few years.

My alter ego, Viva, is a journalist and speaker. She tells innovation stories of failure and the lessons we can learn from it in innovation and education. She also blogs about failure as a part of the journey to success.

In fact, it was a blog on the Israeli innovation culture of accepting failure as a stepping stone that got me, Oshi, an invite to appear in a documentary on education. It's called Childhood Elsewhere and it’s by journalist/filmmaker Zhou Yijun.

And today, I found out I’m even in the trailer. Actually, I share the screen with my alter ego -- nose off (Viva), nose on (me, Oshi).

We talk about the different definitions of failure and how they impact our actions. Above all, we speak about the possibility of taking joy from failing.

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