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I think I’ve Got Helper’s High

If I can, I’ll help.

I like to help others.

It can be to help someone feel better. This is usually the outcome of my red nose.

It can be help with writing something in English. This is my alter ego's forte.

It can be giving a donation or sharing my time.

It can be volunteering but it doesn’t have to be.

It can be long-term help or a one-off.

Many thinkers have said that in helping others, we help ourselves. Scientists even proved this adage.

For the most part, people are happy to be helped. Sometimes, it can be awkward to accept help.

Usually, people who are helped will help others.

They don’t have to. But it does tend to rub off.

In my 40+ years, I only once met a person who was averse to help.

A very interesting person. Because I had never met someone like her before.

I helped her. At first, she questioned my motives. I felt I could help, so I did. Then she enjoyed my help.

One day, she “found out” I was helping others.

It was never a secret. It is my motto: to help if I can.

She wanted to decide for me who I could help and who I couldn’t.

She gave me a good life lesson.

I didn’t need her help in deciding who to help.

My intuition guides me. And my red nose.

Of course, I still help others.

If I can, I’ll help.

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