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Pushing the clown

The best part in being a clown is the smile or sense of pleasure you can bring about in the person who engages with you.

Kids and adults love to feel a sense of joy. To feel they’re being heard. To know they’re seen. Even if, or especially when, they don’t even know it.

So, why do some people – adults and children alike – react to meeting a clown with violence (verbal or physical)?

I’ve been hugged and had my hand held. I’ve also been pushed and shoved.

I’ve walked hand in hand. And I’ve been poked and hit.

I’ve been told how much someone likes me, loves me and loves the way I make them feel. I’ve also been yelled at and told some horrible things.

So, what makes one person react with love and admiration and the other with anger or aggression?

Why do some people feel open to hearing what the clown has to say? Why do they treat the clown as an interest? Why are they open to this stranger?

And why do some people take ownership over the clown? Why do they aggressively attack the clown (verbally or physically)? Why do they mistreat this stranger?

People are fascinating.

When I put on my red nose, reactions are always different than when we meet person to person. In a way, people's true nature – their personality -- shines through when I’m in character.

It is curious to never know the reaction you’ll get. Or give.

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